Save more on bulk - the advantages and risks of getting premium gift wholesales

Cost of consumer goods have increased exponentially in the last few years and while it has not stopped most of us from living, setting up parties and enjoying events, we should be a little bit more conscientious with how we use our money. Nowadays, it is possible to set up a fantastic party with amazing door gift options at a very low cost. The secret is in this word: wholesale. Buying items on bulk can be a fabulous way to minimize your overhead costs. However, just because you are buying premium gift wholesales that does not mean you immediately are a smart host/ planner.

You could save more money but…

You could also be spending more. People like the appeal of premium gift wholesales since they pay for items on bulk and the tax applied on them is significantly lower instead of buying individually where additional costs are applied per unit. If you have an event for 200 people and you want a commemorative umbrella to send as giveaway, then it is possible that you can save money since you are investing on a big number of people. However, if the event is only for 15 to 20 people, you might want to check the number of items that you have to buy in wholesale. Unless you are going to sell those products that will be left behind, you can save more money buying individual products.

You can accommodate “surprise guests”

Again, with big events, you can never underestimate the number of people who will come. An initial number of 200 could explode to 250. That is a possibility since there could be unexpected guests that could arrive. With premium gift wholesales, you can make a purchase for a certain number of people and have enough to give to these people. If you have catering team that did a fantastic job, if you have leftover giveaway, you can also share some to them as a token of appreciation for their efforts. That does not sound bad, right?

The risks of low quality units

Now, with premium gift wholesales, you are assured that quantity-wise, you are getting enough or more than that. Sadly, you do not know if all items are on par with your specifications. 80% of the items are in good condition while the remaining 20% is not. You have to make sure that the company where you are buying the souvenir gifts have strict policies on quality since you do not want to get ripped off

Are you buying for convenience or for a memorable experience?

While premium gift wholesales can be fabulous gifts, is this the direction you want to take? Some people like to customize their door gifts even further. It takes time, but that is an effort that people will appreciate. Similar looking products tend to get boring since the selections are the same. If you want people to remember the event and enjoy their souvenirs, it would be ideal if you buy wholesale raw materials that you can do yourself. Some people are willing enough to buy small trinkets and put them on a decorative hamper or a woven bag so that there is variety. It is all up to you how you want the end result to look like.

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