The names and concept behind some of the barter websites

With the advent of newer and newer forms of technology, computers were developed and gradually internet came in use that paved the path for the barter websites. This has brought a newly seen increase in the popularity of the barter system of trade in the recent as more and more people are embracing the modern form of the barter system that provides the online barter trading through various sites and forums.

What Is Barter System

Bartering is basically the practice of trading goods and services in exchange of goods and services and not using money for exchange. It was an ancient form of trading when money had not been invented and variety of merchandises were used for the purpose of trading. Also, this system of exchanging commodities was used when there was a fall in the value of money due to inflation and other economic reasons. During these times this form of trade proved to be very helpful and also beneficial.

Though everyone thought with the various technological advancements that have been bestowed upon the world over the years, this barter trade would slowly take an exit, they could not have been proven more wrong. With the help of technology, barter websites was introduced and they have been doing wonders ever since. We will be discussing few of the websites as under.


This has proven to be most beneficial among the number of barter websites. It has a separate section for the purpose of barter trading where one can offer their own commodities in exchange for the things that they need. Facilities have also been provided for requests for services. Both products and services can be exchanged for either of the two. had a very critical mass and is available for most of the cities and countries of the world and on top of that, it is absolutely free. No registration charge or any other charge is required. There is also a place in the site where people can give their stuffs for free without anything in exchange.

Care to trade

This website lists various items for swapping, services and also includes trading for real estate. Users of this barter website can barter their goods or services or can buy them directly if they want. An option is available in the form of escrow system of trade for people who are dealing in trades, which cannot be personally performed.


It is the largest of the barter websites and has variety of opportunities to offer for the exchange of commodities and services. One has to just sign up and start searching for various exchange offers. Though available in almost eighty-two countries and being very popular, there is no registration charges involved and no commission relating to trade has to be paid.

The Internet Barter Exchange

This website involves a membership fees, which is a little expensive. However, one can easily view the different offers and other things on the net easily without being registered. However, to strike a deal and access the various services of the website, a membership fee has to be paid. However, items are sorted categorically for the benefit of the users.

This site is solely meant for the exchange of services. One has to sign up after paying the membership fees and then can view the different offers available from different other members of the website.

Tips for Online Barter Trading

  • One should make a detailed study of the various advantages and the drawbacks of the online website and about the different commodities and services that it offers before signing up as a member.
  • The trader should give a detailed description of his requirement for the others who might be interested to have a clear knowledge.
  • One should always be careful of the various websites that ultimately prove to be scams.
  • The value of the trade should be given due consideration before entering into an agreement.


There is no doubt that money is the most popular exchanging medium. However, the barter system always existed parallel all throughout. No one put it down even when compared to monetary system. Moreover, with the advent of different barter websites, its popularity is seeing increased growth with every passing day.


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