How Your Website Can Benefit From an E-Commerce Features

Compared to the standard static website, building a website with an ecommerce design will cost you a little more. However, for any ecommerce business that handles financial transactions online, it is fundamental to ensure that your website is built with an ecommerce design.

When you are considering the development needs for your website, you might start wondering if there are some easy ways of getting around an ecommerce design considering that an ecommerce design can be quite expensive compared to get a website that has no ecommerce design features, particularly since funds are always a little tight as you start out.

Fortunately, few alternatives do exist when it comes to an ecommerce web design which can get you started off until you are able to afford the development costs of an ecommerce design. If you are very serious about your ecommerce business, you must consider getting an ecommerce web design since it comes with a wide range of advantages compared to other websites.

One of the alternatives you have for an ecommerce design is using your site as a tool for lead generation and not conducting financial transactions on the internet. In case you decide to use your website to generate leads instead of getting an ecommerce web design, you should be ready to accomplish a plethora of manual tasks. This can be quite consuming for you.

You can use an email, contact form, a phone number or a fax line for accepting orderings and offering various payment options like providing credit card number over phone or sending a money order or check if you already have your merchant account. However, the truth is that this isn’t a great option for both you and you customers for many reasons. If you don’t have a good ecommerce web design that is capable of accepting online payments, your customers might not take your business seriously especially if you don’t accept online payments. Generally, online shoppers are impulse buyers.

In case the process of buying something from your business is very cumbersome, most people will only keep surfing the web as they find another better alternative and this can seriously diminish your sales potential. You will have to process the payments and orders manually and match your orders to the payment which can be quite a complicated task in most cases. The process of fulfilling your order might thus be inefficient.

This will in the end result in a poor customer service, negative business reputation and angry customers. A much better alternative to getting an ecommerce web design is to use the automated payment features offered by PayPal. You can place ‘Pay Now’ icons on your website and customers can make payments via paypal. Ecommerce design comes with many advantages, including an automated sales process, increased sales, improved customer consider and can help save you a lot of time in processing order and making follow- ups. This leads to increased revenues in the long run and saves you a lot of time.

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